Your Tips to Get Healthy and Active in Your Own Backyard!

Wiltse’s Greenhouse and farmers market. Why not plant your own vegetables this summer? Great way to get outside and get active!


Summer is FINALLY showing signs of arrving.  After this past winter what a relief.  This presents a great opportunity to get outside and live.   A great way to get the family outside and active, together is a garden.  Backyard gardens are a fun way to get the whole family outside doing something.  In addition, in a few short months you will be harvesting your fruits of your labor, quite literally!  Sure there is some daily maintenance with weeding and watering…better seen as more chances to be active outside!

Cedar fence pickets were used with cedar 4×4’s.

This year for mother’s day my wife asked for raised garden boxes.   So that is what she got.  It took about 7 hours including the trip to buy the supplies.  She got the boxes and I earned a really cool tank top farmers tan (pictures of now peeling sunburn not included.)  The boxes were filled with mushroom compost, garden soil, potting soil, and top soil.  Including soil, cedar, and hardware (screws to hold the boxes together) the total cost was less than $200. 00.   Which given the years we will have them and the time we as a family will spend outside the return on the investment is priceless.









Adding to the fun and activity factor we did something different this year.  Instead of buying our plants and flowers at the local big box store we shopped local.  We made the 10 minute drive to Wiltse’s.   Not only did they have a HUGE selection of annuals, perennials, and vegetables but they had some fresh vegetables (the Asparagus we bought are the size you get a the best steak house.)  Plus…they can answer your questions…you know things like “what is the difference between a burpless cucumber and the other ones?”   I got the answer to that question and so can you at Wiltse’s.




An added bonus is the farm cat which put a huge smile on the cat lover in our family’s face.   In a sentence, we created a family tradition this week and will be making the trip to Wiltse’s every May.

















Some of the great stuff we picked up and will put into the ground later this week.  These plants represent a summer of activity and some time in the next two months pounds and pounds of garden fresh vegetables.  Watch for some great “Eat by Color” recipes here and!  Most everything you can grow in your garden falls in the green group of “Eat by Color” and that means you can eat all of it you want, and STILL REACH your Goals!







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