Work Out of the Week

Delt Raise
Stand with knees slightly bent and hips bent so that torso is slightly above parallel to the ground. Hold dumbbells below shoulder with palms facing each other and a slight bend in the elbows. Squeeze shoulder blades together to extend arms out to shoulder height then slowly return to starting position.

Start by holding a TRX handle in each hand facing the anchor point with palms facing upward. With the body completely straight other than the arms extended at 90⁰ slowly curl arms up to the shoulders moving only at the elbows then return to starting position.

Begin seated at pectoral fly machine with butt and back firmly against pads. Hold handle in each hand with palms facing forward. While keeping arms straight, slowly bring handles together in front of the body, then return to starting position.

Db Lunge
Stand with dumbbells grasped at sides, step forward with one leg and lower body by flexing hip and knee until the knee of rear leg almost touches the floor. Forcibly extend hip and knee of front leg to return to starting position, then repeat on opposite leg.

Machine Shoulder
Begin seated at the shoulder press machine with butt and back firmly on pads. Grasp handles to the sides with palms facing inward, toward the body. Raise lever while keeping elbows in line with the torso until arms are completely extended. Slowly return to starting position.

Db TriKick Back
Position your body with one knee on a bench and the arm on the same side of the body on the bench for support. Hold a dumbell with the other hand with the other foot planted firmly on the ground. Hold arm at a 90⁰ angle with upper arm parallel to the floor, extend lower arm upward to straighten arm, then slowly return back to starting position.





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