Work Out of the Week!

Bent DB Row
Begin with one foot flat on the ground and then other knee firmly planted on a bench. While keeping your back flat and head up hold weight extended out from the chest with palm facing the bench. Pull weight straight up to the chest leading with the elbow and slowly lower to starting position.

TRX Bicep
Start by holding a TRX handle in each hand facing the anchor point with palms facing upward. With the body completely straight other than the arms extended at 90⁰ slowly curl arms up to the shoulders moving only at the elbows then return to starting position.

Cable Incline Bench Press
Start with bench at a 45⁰ angle with feet firmly planted on ground and butt, back and head on bench. Hold stirrups from low-pulley position on each side at chest height with arms bent under each wrist. Raise stirrups straight up until arms are straight, then lower slowly to beginning position.

Back Squat
Position bar high on back and grasp to the sides of shoulders. Bend knees while allowing hips to bend backward, keeping back straight. Be sure to keep knees in the same direction as the feet. Descend until the thighs are just below parallel to the floor. Straighten knees and hips slowly until back in starting position.

Barbell Shrug
Begin standing with feet planted firmly on the ground and barbell held with palms facing the body in front of the body with arms completely straight. Shrug weight upward as far as possible by only moving at the shoulders and relax into starting position.

Db Tri Extension
While standing, grasp a dumbell with palms facing upward above the head. Slowly lower weight behind the head by only bending at the elbow until a stretch is felt in the tricep, then raise to starting position.

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