Work Out Of The Week

Delt Raise
Begin standing with feet planted firmly on the ground, a 90⁰ bend at the hips, and a dumbbell in each hand with arms fully extended down from the shoulders with palms facing each other. Raise the weights out to the sides of the body until they are at 90⁰ with palms facing the ground while keeping the back straight. Then slowly lower into starting position.

Alternating Bicep Curl
Begin standing with feet planted firmly on the ground and dumbbells at your sides with palms facing away from the body. Starting with the weaker arm, curl arm until the forearm is vertical, slowly lower and repeat on the other arm.

Mount shoulder width dip bar with arms straight and shoulders above hands. Slowly lower body until a slight stretch is felt in the shoulders, then slowly straighten arms back to starting position.

Seated Row
Start with butt and feet planted firmly on seat and foot plates, grasp close grip handles and extend legs. Start with arms extended and pull handle to chest then slowly return to starting position, being sure movement only occurs in the arms.




Leg Extension
Sit at leg extension machine with butt and back firmly on pads, thighs under upper pad, and shins behind lower pad. Lift lower pad by extending at the knees until legs are straight and slowly lower into starting position.

Trx Flys
Hold a TRX handle in each hand facing away from the anchor point with arms extended straight out from the shoulders. Keeping a slight bend in the elbows, slowly extend arms out to the sides of the body, then pull back to the center in front of the chest.


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