FitWorkz 24 Hr Tour


Take the FitWorkz Tour.  Click the 360 tour and take a walk through the DeKalb and Sycamore areas largest 24 hour gym.  FitWorkz is open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day so DeKalb County residents can exercise any time they want.


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FitWorkz 24/7



 The first comment people make when they walk in the door is “WOW FitWorkz is huge.”  Never wait for equipment, cardio, or machines.   There are 3-4 of every piece of equipment.  No sign ups for cardio and times limits either.  FitWorkz members are free to use the functional training area and all of the toys.  TRX, bumper plates, rogue rack, kettlebells, kegs, sliders, plyo boxes, and all of the functional training toys are available for members to use.  They are not restricted to personal training only clients like most clubs.



FitWorkz 24 Hour Gym Cardio

FitWorkz 24 Hour Free Motion Selectorized Machines

FitWorkz 24 Hour Gym Functional Training Equipment


FitWorkz 24 Hour Gym Free Weights

FitWorkz 24 Hour Gym STOTT Pilates