Top 5 WORST Trends of 2015

Top 5 Worst Fitness Trends of 2015

1)   Wraps: Great for short term improvement in appearance.  They will cause some water loss in the area wrapped.  The area may appear tighter and more toned.  But rest assured once the water comes back so does the pre wrap appearance.  If you want tight and toned resistance train three days a week and get your nutrition right.
2)   Tea/Detox/Fast: Major come back in the diet world by the charlatans pimping the quick fix.  Totally not necessary.  So NO you do not need a fast, a tea, or detox  to lose weight.  I have lost over 70 lbs and kept it off for over 15 years and never have done a fast, detox, or used funky teas.
3)   Wearable devices like the Fit Bit or apps on your phone: They will help you reach your goals if and only if  you are using it correctly.  A fit bit in your cars cup holder recording steps you are not taking is not helping you.  Learn your device.  Learn how to make the device work for you and your goals.
4)   MLM: I sell to you, you sell to them, and they sell to someone.  We all make money.  Sit down and draw up what this looks like.  You will likely find it resembles a pyramid.  Very few will make a significant amount of money with MLM.  Note, not that it is impossible it is just unlikely and like all things it is going to take a significant amount of work.
5)   Day 22: The 21 Day fix is over.  Now what?  When you go back to eating off normal dish ware and toss the cute little containers you are likely to regain the weight.  All diets are a quick fix to something you need a long-term approach to.  We call this long- term approach lifestyle.  If it is a lifestyle you can do it forever which means any weight you lose you will keep off.



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