Technology and your Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss Goals

Technology continues to change the world we live in.  Everything in life is impacted.   From the commute to work and blue tooth and Pandora to the replacement of the PC by the mobile device, technology is everywhere.  This includes the world of fitness.  The list of tech devices in the fitness world goes from pedometers to GPS to heart rate monitors to wearable devices that even measure our sleep!  Technology can be an incredible tool to help you reach your goals faster.  It can also be just more gadgets and junk in drawers and closets.  The key is using tech in the former and avoiding the latter.

Here are some tips:
1)      Get educated…learn what you NEED from your tech.  Do you just want to easily monitor heart rate or will you be clicking off miles on a daily run?  Some devices don’t do enough and others too much.  Learn what you need!  A base Fit bit might fit your needs and the Apple watch overkill.  Be sure you do not under or over buy.
2)      Learn your device.  Learning to use the device is critical and many never take the time to do so.
3)      Combine technology.  Use your wearable device with exercises from YouTube.  ( has over 600 videos!)  Use your new Fitbit to compare calories burned with traditional exercise with calories burned doing functional training exercises learned from YouTube.
4)      There is an App for that!  There are over 1 million for Apple devices alone.  Again what you need from an app?  Will it hold you accountable, if you never use the app it is useless.


Just remember that technology does not replace getting up off your butt and executing!

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