Speed, Agility and Sports Performance Training at FitWorkz!

FitWorkz offers the only Science based sports performance (speed and agility) training in DeKalb, Sycamore, Genoa, or Rochelle.  Sure we have trained 800,000 plus athletes around the world.  Rather than rely on world results, here is how our local athletes improved over the course of 3 months of training.  (we selected a random group of 12 athletes, male and female, from all ages groups.)
  • Average 10 Yard Dash Improvement .25 Seconds
  • Average Vertical Jump Improvement 2.92 Inches
  • Average Long Jump Improvement 5.01 Inches
  • Average Lateral Foot Speed Improvement 53%
  • Average Pro Agility Improvement .23 Seconds

Last fall 7 out of the 8 varsity football players from one local school were ALL CONFERENCE, the 8th athelte trained with us the previous year and spent last summer hitting camps and clinics.    Get Speed and Agility training in DeKalb right at FitWorkz!

Nationally our athletes have earned over $315 million in college scholarships in the last five years alone.  Four graduating local high school seniors were in to train last night, all four are playing football at 4 year colleges and universities in the fall.
More than a dozen of our athletes from last year alone are going on to play college sports, most as scholarship athletes.
The real story is that of the athletes that before training with us rode the bench.  The kids that played the minimum if at all.  In some cases these athletes were reaching the point of not playing organized sports anymore.  How have they fared?  One young Genoa athlete ran faster backwards (yes we have equipment that will allows athletes to train the back pedal) than he could forward when he started last summer.  He is back this year and is already running faster than last summer.
***Athletes playing football and volleyball need to start training now so they can be done and have a week off before school practice starts in August!***
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