Salt is NOT the Enemy

There’s a lot of folklore today regarding the amount of sodium someone should consume in a day, particularly within the body building community. There’s a belief that an excess of sodium will cause the body to retain water and as a result strange and unhealthy tactics have been used to reduce this effect, such as salt and water depletion. Now this is true to an extent but an excess of sodium won’t cause you to look bloated and fatter than you actually are. We’ve prepped many competitors and have paid no attention to sodium intake, meanwhile they look just as “shredded” if not more so than their competition. The only difference is that our athletes aren’t dehydrated, fatigued, and cramping on game day. In fact, a low sodium intake can have quite the negative effect on weight training. When you deplete your sodium intake, your body will struggle to hang on to potassium which in turn will cause muscle cramping/fatigue. A little fun fact: soldiers in Afghanistan would consume sodium phosphate pills on a daily basis to prevent cramping and fatigue in the arid climate. Knowledgeable weight trainers often consume 5,000mg or more on a daily basis because of the correlation between sodium intake and your muscles ability to contract to their fullest extent. Now I’m not saying to grab your salt shaker and start pouring salt down your gullet.  What I am saying is to not worry and obsess over how much salt you’re consuming in a day, that is unless you have a medical condition wherein it would be required to do so. Let’s be honest, chicken is bland enough as it is. Put on as much seasoning as you want and don’t think twice.



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