On Your Way to Health, Wellness, and Weight loss: Step 1

Steps to Success with Health, Wellness, and Weight loss

*This article is going to be part of a series of steps you have to take to be successful in reaching your health, wellness, and weight loss goals. The great thing is that these steps can be applied to any area of your life.*

1 Reason

Step 1 What is your WHY?
What is your Why? There are a number of reasons people fail when it comes to accomplishing their health, wellness, and weight loss goals. A significant contributing factor is that they do not have a strong enough “WHY” to change. Each person needs to have their own “WHY” to change. Unfortunately, this is the one thing that cannot be bought. There is no container on the shelf that for a price will give you the “WHY.”

The reason I am here goes back to my “WHY” or my Eureka moment. I woke up one day and tried putting a pair of suit pants on and they did not fit. It was a big, “Whoa what happened, holy cow, these pants have to fit”. Followed up by the realization that I had put quite a bit of weight on and adding a few inches to my waist line. For me my “WHY” was I need to fit into those pants. That is “WHY” I needed to change. No “WHY” no change.
So here is your first step. Get out a piece of paper and write down your “WHY.”
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