October 2015 Newsletter

Happy Fall FitWorkz members!  Here is your October Newsletter!

 Did you know we have over 800 videos on our youtube channel…most deal with exercise, training, nutrition, and helping you reach your goals faster? See our video above.
 What can you find in the newsletter (it is attached way at the bottom of this email as a .pdf)?  More info by clicking the links below.


In health and wellness…and thanks for being a part of our community here at FitWorkz.


P.P.S. We are now taking questions on social media…want to know something post to our facebook (facebook.com/fitworkz.dekalb or facebook.com/ray.binkowski) page, tweet on twitter (@EatbyColor or @FitWorkz1) or hit us on Instagram (#EatbyColor).  Check out the video below for the first bunch we have answered.  🙂


Fitworkz Newsletter October 2015

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