NFL Quarterback and NIU Alum Chandler Harnish talks going to the next level with Eat by Color!

NFL Quarterback and NIU Alum Chandler Harnish talks about what it takes to get to the next level. Athletes and parents….in a few words, don’t quit, do the extra, invest in academics and others! Watch the video for the whole story…

Another outstanding athlete that has played at all levels all the way to the top…the NFL.
Watch the video…parents, athletes, and coaches…watch the video you will take something away.
If you are interested in getting recruited (Chandler talks about making DVDs and binders and sending them out), getting in the game (Chandler sat the first game of his Junior year,) overcoming injuries (training builds confidence), becoming a leader (even on the plays he was not in), or earning the start…he talks about how he did it.

Take home points:
1) Do the school work and excel
2) Learn to enjoy the grind and the challenge of getting better
3) Consistently do the extra work….great Coach Jerry Kill story recalled mid video about getting better and moving forward or backward
4) Speed and Agility at a place like Sports Performance Speed and Agility is a must…training at school with the team is not enough.
5) Leaders lead in some way every play
6) A good football player is a good athlete…again the value in cross training (Sports Performance at FitWorkz) and being a multi sport athlete
7) Training not more sport specific work but training to get faster, be more agile produce more power, etc is a must. Playing more of your sport will not make this happen.
Across the board Chandler mentioned ‘the extra’… Extra = Success

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