What is Pilates?

German born Joseph Pilates developed the “Pilates Method.” The Pilates Method is the art of “Contrology” meaning “the conscious control of all muscular movement.” -Joseph Pilates

Controlling both the concentric and eccentric contraction of the muscle causes it to elongate, therefore achieving a long, lean physique. The Pilates Method combines flexion, extension and rotation of the spine to maintain its proper function and flexibility. It works both the strong and the weaker muscles, therefore achieving balance in the body.

FitWorkz offers both Stott and standard Mat Pilates Classes.

STOTT Pilates on a Reformer

  • • Transforms the way you look and feel*
  • • Increases flexibility, range of motion and agility*
  • • Improves posture, balance and coordination*
  • • Builds and tones muscle*
  • • Creates mind body balance*


One-on-One, Buddy and Group Pilates Sessions are available in private studio setting.
All training done by STOTT trained instructor.