Making It a Successful New Year

2016 has arrived.   Looking back at members and clients that reached their goals in 2015,  it was little things they did that went a long way to their success. The most successful people in 2015 combined exercise and nutrition.  This was true regardless of goal.  They took a lifestyle approach to both.  This means they did not diet and exercise consistently three hours a week most weeks.

Exercise was not the all consuming lifestyle, forcing members to put the rest of their life on hold.   Instead it was 2-3 hours a week…week in and week out.  Some weeks if life was busy they only got two workouts in.  Since they did not start planning to exercise every day it was not big deal if they missed a day at the gym.  From experience we see many people plan to exercise every day, miss a few workouts, and then toss in the towel because they cannot stick to their plan.

The successful members did not diet, count calories/points/macros, or eliminate entire food groups (i.e. no carbs.)  They did follow Eat by Color, or another approach to eating that produces steady short-term results.  Most importantly their approach to food is one they can stick with long term.   Long term means there is no end to the diet and with it a return of the weight they lost.  The Eat by Color clients that did really well asked us lots of questions AND sent food recalls allowing us to point out things they were doing really well.  As a bonus the food recalls help hold people accountable.

Taking a look at people that were not quite as successful:  This group often got the exercise right or the food right, but not both.  They would crush the workouts and neglect the food.  Even some of our 1:1 personal training clients just would not commit to doing anything with nutrition.  Sure they got some health benefits from exercise but not nearly what they should.  Or they would nail the nutrition and never show up to train.  Even worse they would do mostly cardio and a few machines.

The fastest way to accomplish anything is to copy what those that have already done it did.  In other words don’t re-invent the wheel.   If crushing your goals in 2016 is important to you do these two things:

1)  Set a realistic exercise goal that compliments your lifestyle.  Two to three hours per week is all you need.  Make sure 70% of your time is spent doing resistance training.

2)  Don’t diet!  Find a long-term approach to easily making food choices.  Many have done great with Eat by Color.

If you want help with this ASK!  We have a Eat by Color Nutrition membership that we just launched (more information on page 4 of this newsletter).   You learn how and what to eat based on the foods you like to eat.  You also get digital training.  Plus accountability with both exercise and food to make sure you reach your goals and maintain them.




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