Make Fitness Fun and Variety with Sycamore High School Mind Body Fitness!

SHS Mind Body Fitness Field Trip to FitWorkz


We recently had the chance to share the FitWorkz different with three classes from Sycamore High School.  Ms. Tranchita from SHS had contacted us to see if we were interested in allowing her classes to visit FitWorkz.  The goal was to show them fitness options today, tomorrow, and most importantly for the rest of their life.  Ms. Tranchita wanted to show the students there are options in fitness after high school and organized sports end.

Well…this is what FitWorkz does.  We CHANGE LIVES by making fitness fun and functional!  The students enjoyed participating in our Evolution Training.  Do me a favor…change that do yourself a favor.  Watch the video!  The classes are having FUN!  The classes experienced something other than another 3 sets of 10 anything.  They are having fun.  The smiles are genuine.  We even saw one high five from two classmates demonstrating the “yeah we got this” attitude and the ensuing sense of accomplishment.   Check out the video.

Interested in changing your life?  Have you tried the typical “gym” experience found yourself bored or with little results to show for your effort?  Check us out…30 days for ONLY $9!   For $9 get access to a trainer practically every time you walk in the door, more importantly you will have fun exercising…when was the last time you smiled through an entire workout?

Ms. Tranchita thanks for opening and exposing the minds of your students to the larger world of cutting edge fitness.  It just might mean one person embarks on a journey of health and wellness.

*A special thanks for Kelsey, Roy, Sean, Cody, Judy and the rest of the FitWorkz staff for making this possible.  Great job team!


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