June 2015 Newsletter

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Summer is officially here FitWorkz members, and so is your June newsletter!  Inside you’ll find:

  • Get Fit and Live Healthy *New Book* Out Now!
  • Monthly Motivation
  • More Is NOT Better
  • FREE Training for Kids!
  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Summer Sports Performance Hours
  • FREE Training for Members
  • Golf Performance Training Workshops
  • Recipes
  • MORE!
In health and wellness…and thanks for being a part of our community here at FitWorkz.
PS. We are now taking questions on social media…want to know something post to our facebook (facebook.com/fitworkz.dekalb or facebook.com/ray.binkowski) page, tweet on twitter (@EatbyColor or @FitWorkz1) or hit us on Instagram (#EatbyColor).  Check out the video below for the first bunch we have answered.
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