In Better Shape at 59 than 45!

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Just met with a member.  He is 59 and a half years young.  Today he is in better health than when he was 45 years old.  He has lost 50lbs!!!    After a month or two of exercise “Eat by Color” his doctor took him off one of his blood pressures meds.  In April his doctor cut his second blood pressure med in half.  Today he is complete off blood pressured medications and his doctor just cut his cholesterol medicine in half…and in all likelihood he will be off that at some point too.

His dress shirts have gone from a size 18 neck to a 17 or 17.5.  His waist has gone from a 42 to a 38 and they are BIG…so in no time he will be in 36’s!

The crazy part is that he had to take some time off from exercise.   So he was continuing to make progress with changes to his nutrition even without exercise.   He is just now getting back in to exercise and will be great how much greater he will improve with exercise.

Here is the best part.  He is eating a ton of food….ala “Eat by Color” though is never hungry.  He did confess that most nights he has one or two ice cream bars.  Hmmm he has last 50 lbs. and still gets to eat ice cream?  That is awesome!

Some things he is not doing

1)      Dieting

2)      Counting calories or points

3)      Saying no to things like Ice Cream

4)      Lots of Cardio (he is doing none)

5)      Using a short term approach to better health for the rest of his life!!!


Today his heart health is better today than it was at 45, and with a return to exercise it is only going to continue to get better.

Ironically just after I met with this member another member approached me about muscle cramping from the statin drugs he is on.  One has to wonder how powerful nutrition and exercise are….just maybe this second member could be heart healthy without the statins?  I’m not playing doctor or practicing medicine without license but this sure is something to think about!


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