Get Dirty this Summer with FitWorkz!

Get Dirty this Summer!

Have you seen ads for the crazy obstacle courses and thought, “hey that looks like fun only to question how or where you would get started to do one?” Preparing for one of these events is easier than you think.

Interested in learning more? Looking to join a group of people doing an event? Fill out the info below and we will send you a schedule of local events and our report on “Secrets to Doing Your First Mud/Adventure Race.”



One of the secrets to long term success with exercise is to have a reason to do it.  What better reason than joining a group of friends and doing a mud or adventure race?  Having a goal and a reason can be quite the motivation to show up and train.  I have done two of these races….see pics above.  Those that know me know I am NOT a runner….but even I was able to complete both and most importantly I had a great time!


You may need to check your schedule to see what local events might work for you.  We have a list of local events.  Simply fill out the form below and we will send it to you.  We will also send you “Secrets to Running your First mud or Adventure Race” and other FREE goodies!








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