Deadlifts, the Exercise We See Done WRONG the Most and How to Do Them Right


Deadlifts, the exercise we see done WRONG the most and how to do them right. We see deadlifts done wrong all the time. We see them done wrong in our own club and even worse by internet coaches and gurus.


Deadlifts are a great whole body lift. You will burn a ton of calories doing them and build some of the largest muscles of the human body. As long as you do them right you will experience all of the benefits with out injury.


The deadlift is not really complicated as long as you keep a few things in mind.


  • Make sure your shoulders are inline or behind the bar, NEVER in front of the bar.
  • When you start the lift push through your heels. Many mistakenly initiate the lift with their back, this is wrong.
  • The glutes and hamstrings should initiate the lift, think pull back as you lift as long as there is enough weight on the bar you will not fall back.
  • Don’t be afraid of skinning your shins! Wear pants or socks. Trying to keep the bar from traveling up your shins is a sure way to let the bar get in front of your shoulder, your back to round both open the door to injury.
  • Skip the high rep sets or max reps per unit of time. High reps mean fatigue and fatigue means a break down in safe lifting mechanics. This is a recipe for disaster for both the newbie as well as experienced lifter.
  • Don’t use straps. If you start off using straps your grip will never be adequate to hang on to big weights. The only way your grip strength is going to be improve is by pulling with out straps.


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