Work Out Of The Week

Cable Incline Press
Start with bench at a 45⁰ angle with feet firmly planted on ground and butt, back and head on bench. Hold stirrups from low-pulley position on each side at chest height with arms bent under each wrist. Raise stirrups straight up until arms are straight, then lower slowly to beginning position.

Seated Concentration Curl
Begin seated on a bench with feet planted firmly on the ground. Hold dumbell in one hand with elbow on the thigh of the same side just below knee height. With dumbell in between the knees lift to shoulder height and slowly return to starting position.

Rope Pull Down
Attach tri-rope to cable cross machine, hold rope with heels of hands touching knobs at the end. Extend arms and be sure the knobs are pulled outward at the end of the movement.

Cable Lateral Raise
Stand to the side of the cable machine with a single handle attached to the low-pulley position. Grasp handle in hand furthest from pulley at hip height with palm toward the body. Raise handle up and away from the machine while keeping arm straight until it is at a 90⁰ angle to the body, then slowly lower to starting position and repeat on opposite side.

Leg Extension
Sit at leg extension machine with butt and back firmly on pads, thighs under upper pad, and shins behind lower pad. Lift lower pad by extending at the knees until legs are straight and slowly lower into starting position.


Dumbbell Row
Begin with one foot flat on the ground and then other knee firmly planted on a bench. While keeping your back flat and head up hold weight extended out from the chest with palm facing the bench. Pull weight straight up to the chest leading with the elbow and slowly lower to starting position.