Unboring Cashew Crusted Halibut-Eat by Color Style


Unboring cashew crusted halibut looks gourmet and is easier to make that you think.  This Eat by Color recipe is pretty simple.  The hardest thing to locate for most will be fresh halibut.   I got lucky as a local family has a son that is exported fresh fish from Alaska to the Midwest.  I got a fair deal on fresh halibut.


1 lb of Halibut Filets

2 Cups of Panko

8 oz of Cashews

Handful of Almonds (literally all I had left in the kitchen so I tossed them in to the mix :-))

4 TBS of Parmesan Cheese (I used the stuff in the green can as I forgot to buy some fresh)

1 TSP each of Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano

1 TBS Butter


Run the cashews and almonds through the food processor.  I used the pulse button and got carried away as I ended up with more a powder blend than a nice chunky mix.  Live and learn I guess.  Mix the panko, nuts, parmesan and spice in a bowl.  Wash the halibut.  Pour the panko nut mix onto a plate.  Mine was a bout a 1/4 inch deep on the plate.  Then press the fish onto the mix.  Flip and do the same thing.  Now there are some recipes that call for dipping the fix in eggs, milk, or some combo there of.  The way I did it was lower on calories and fat.  Since the panko nut mix stuck just fine to the fish I see no reason to do it any other way.

I melted 1 TBS of butter in a cast iron oven safe pot.  Heat the oven to 350.  Place fish in cast iron pot and bake for 15-20 minutes.  Since ovens vary you may need to bake longer or at a high temp.  The fish will flake apart when done.

Optional serve  with roasted red potatoes and a white sauce.

The Eat by Color Secret to Better Eating and Reaching Your Goals


The Eat by Color Secret to Better Eating and Reaching Your Goals come down to having a a plan and being prepared. Our eating habits will determine our success or failure with health, wellness, and weightloss.

If you have read Eat by Color or follow us on Instagram #EatbyColor or on faceobook you have seen us time and again say things like Nutrition is KING! Making better food choices, NOT dieting, like we teach with Eat by Color is the secret to long term success. A determining factor is planning and being prepared to eat right.

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We shot this video during a DISH event at our local Hyvee in Sycamore Illinois. DISH allows a group of people to batch prep meals that are bagged and froze to be cooked later. What is really nice is Hyvee pulls all of the groceries and does the clean up. The group shows up preps the meals. We prepped 72 meals (each feeds 4 adults) in less than an hour and a half. The best part… I handled the recipe selection and they are all Eat by Color friendly.






















Planning and preparing goes a long way to making life easy and being able to Eat by Color. Get your own group together, if you are local join one of ours, or check out your local Hyvee!

Get Great Eat by Color Recipes Here!

Ray Binkowski is the owner of FitWorkz a hybrid training gym in DeKalb, IL, author (all of his titles are available on Amazon), and trainer. He has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for over 15 years. He has worked with thousands including professional athletes, police/fire/military, physique competitors, even corporations like 3M, and most often people looking to make a long term change in health, wellness, and weightloss. Plus the Get Fit and Live Healthy podcast.

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Unboring Effortless High Protein Oatmeal-Eat by Color Style

IMG_2114     IMG_3096








Unboring Effortless High Protein Oatmeal-Eat by Color Style that takes minutes to make.  Most of us need an effortless breakfast option.  Here is a high protein option that you the night before.  It is also high in fiber and no one gets enough fiber as well as anti oxidants.


2 Scoops Beverly International Vanilla UMP

1/2 Cup of Quick Oats

Frozen Berries

Put 2 scoops of UMP in a plastic bowl, add the oats, and then water until you have a thick almost past consistency.  Mix in some berries.  DONE!  Place in the fridge.  Overnight the berries will melt and the oats will absorb the water.

Hi Protein Strawberry French Toast Recipe-Eat by Color Style!

Strawberry French Toast

Hi protein Strawberry French Toast recipe that you can make in minutes.



1 Scoops Beverly International Strawberry (or any flavor)

1 Whole Egg

1 TBS Butter

Light/Low Cal/ or Zero Cal Syrup

3/4 Cup Almond Milk

3 English Muffins


Mix egg, UMP, and almond milk in a bowl or blender bottle.  Split the English muffins.  Pour mix in a bowl and dip the muffin halves in it.  Be sure to coat both sides.  Put butter in a frying pan…or use non stick cooking spray.  Cook the muffins like you would French toast.  They are done when they are starting to get crispy.

Unboring Baked Chicken Parm with Italian Sausage Gravy Recipe-Eat by Color Style


Unboring baked chicken parmesan recipe.  Simple way to make chicken fun again.


2 lbs Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast

1/2 Sweet, Ground Italian Sauasage

1 Diced, Vidalia Onion

4 TBS Parmesan Cheese

4 TBS Panko

1 Jar of your Favorite Spaghetti Sauce

1 TBS Olive Oil




Preheat oven to 400F.  Brown the grown italian sausage and diced onion and set aside.  Wash the chicken.  Mix the parmesan and panko.  Dip and flip the chicken in the panko/parm mix.  Put olive oil in bottom of oven safe dish.  Place chicken in dish and dish in oven.  Back for 30-40 minutes.  In a sauce pan combine Italian sausage, onion and spaghetti sauce.  Saute’ and make a gravy.  Remove chicken from oven and top with gravy.  Feel free to top with more parm and even some mozzarella cheese.



Sliced Roast Beef and Egg Muffin-Eat by Color Style


Sliced roast beef and egg muffin.  With a little imagination you can come up with great portable egg sandwiches like this.  Left over roast beef sliced thin.  Toasted, whole grain English muffin and scrambled eggs.  Combine and you have a portable high protein meal.


1 lb Left over Roast Beef

6 Eggs

4 Whole Grain English Muffins

Cheddar Cheese



IMG_3091Slice left over beef thin. Place in frying pan and warm up on low heat. Remember the beef is already cooked so we are just heating it up here.







Scramble the eggs…not going to explain this as I am assuming most can scramble eggs.  Toast the English muffins.






Butter the muffins.  Place beef on muffin and top with cheese and eggs.  Dunzo!



Unboring Sliced Chicken Tacos-Eat by Color Style


Unboring, sliced chicken tacos.  These sliced chicken tacos were so good they were GONE before I could get pics.  So all you get is a pic of the chicken after the first few tacos were made and the recipe.


2 Lbs Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast

2 Packets of Taco Seasoning

Flatouts or Foldits

Sour Cream

1 TBS Olive Oil

1.5 Cups of Water

Use culinary scissors to slice the chicken breast thin.  Sautee chicken in olive oil.  Once the chicken is cooked (use a meat thermometer if you need too) add the taco seasoning and water.  Simmer and make sure the taco seasoning is thoroughly mixed with the chicken.  Dunzo!  We used the flatouts instead of tortillas and topped with sour cream.

Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions



Italian sausage, onions, and peppers.  In this recipe left over grilled Italian sausage was re-purposed.


Left Over grilled Italian Sausage (4-6 Links)

4 Green Peppers

1 Vidalia Onion

1 TBS Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Mozzarella Cheese

Slice the sausage, peppers, and onion.  Place onions and peppers in sauce pan with the olive oil.  Sautee until the onions are browned.  Add sausage (remember it is already cooked in this case so you only need to warm it up.)  Satuee under low heat.  Add cheese.  Dunzo!

Baked Hard Boiled Egg Recipes-Eat by Color Style






Baked, hard boiled eggs.  How can an egg be baked and hard boiled?  Great question.  Let’s take a step back.  Eggs are affordable source of protein.  Hard boiled eggs are also portable.  Portable protein sources make life convenient.  There are three problems with boiling eggs.  First a large pot of boiling water on top of the stove, a concern if you have small children.  Second having to watch the pot for boil over.  Third having to peel the shells that sometimes just do not want to come off the egg.  Baking the eggs provides all of the convenience of a hard boiled egg with out the three concerns listed above.

Method One on left above.  Preheat your oven to 350F.  Place the eggs into cupcake tins. Place tins in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes depending on oven.


Method Two on the right above.  Preheat your oven to 350F.  Coat a cupcake tin with non stick cooking spray.  Crack the eggs and drop one egg per cupcake spot.  Place tin in oven and bake for 20-30 minutes again depending on oven.  This method eliminate problem three, having to peel the eggs.