September 2014 Newsletter

July 2014 Newsletter

The September Newsletter is now published and ready to be read by YOU!  Inside this edition you’ll find:

  • New recipe of the month
  • Sports Performance changes
  • “Field Up for Football” clinics and workshops
  • 5 ways to become a morning person
  • How FitWorkz employees are changing lives outside of the gym

Fitworkz Newsletter September 2014a

This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz. Its intent is to be shared. If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety. So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *

August 2014 Newsletter


Here it is! The August newsletter! Full of new information including:

New Recipe
Our member of the month
New Motivation
August Clinic and Workshop schedule
5 tips to help you with your gains and goals that DON’T include more lifting and cardio!

Fitworkz Newsletter August 2014-a

This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz. Its intent is to be shared. If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety. So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *

3 Detours Sure to Wreck Your Progress and Prevent Results

3 Detours Sure to Wreck Your Progress



I have an opportunity to work with a wide range of people. Some are interested in losing a few pounds, getting in shape for some type of contest or sport season. Clients run the gamut from the single mom trying to lose a few pounds to set an example for her kids to a recent high school graduate going on to play collegiate sports and recently a Dr. from Ohio. Different people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Most importantly with different goals.
Each may require a different approach. But there are three things that can detour results and success for anybody.

To illustrate I am going to use making cookies , there is no particular reason for this except everyone loves cookies.




Detour 1
You have grandma’s recipe for the best cookies in the world and decide to make them. Instead of following the recipe you combine some of her recipe along with a recipe online and the one in that Betty Crocker cookbook every house has. Now each of the three recipes may produce tasty cookies on their own. Combine bits of each recipe and who knows what you are going to get. The same can be said of your workout and nutrition program. Stealing an idea from a guy at the gym, adding in something from the internet, and tossing in what was in this months Fitness Muscle & Meathead for the Baby Boomer magazine will likely produces poor results.

Detour 2
You follow grandma’s recipes to a “T”, place the cookies in the oven, and set the timer. When the timer dings you take the cookies out and dump them in the garbage. Stating “the cookies taste terrible” without so much as taking a bite. Taste the darn cookies!!! I see many people put in the effort and eat right only to throw it all away insisting it is not working. Truth be told how do they know it is not working? Did they get their bodyfat tested via a 9 site clinical skin fold method? Most of the time they don’t have to way to measure progress.
I met with a lady just today that is killing it with nutrition and exercise. She is doing awesome! But in her eyes she was not making progress…well guess what we did her bodyfat and low and behold she is down 5 lbs of FAT!!! She was a different lady leaving my office. So taste the cookies…have a way to measure progress and MEASURE!
Detour 3
Grandma’s recipe says to bake the cookies for 10 to 12 minutes. If you take the cookies out after 5 minutes how good are they going to be? Probably not very and you can forget them tasting like grandma’s! Give the cookies time to bake (watching them bake won’t make they cook faster either.) Same holds true for exercise and nutrition. Just like it takes the cookies time to bake it is going to take your body time to change. Give it some time and remember just like watching the cookies bake staring in the mirror every day will not make the changes happen faster.


Avoid the Detours with YOUR health, wellness, and weightloss
1) Pick one approach and do it without adding bits and pieces from all over the place. Just follow grandma’s recipe and ONLY her recipe.
2) Plan to measure your progress so you know how you are doing. Taste the cookies!
3) Let the approach have time to work. If grandma’s recipe says to bake for 10-12 minutes, give it 10-12 minutes and DON’T stand there staring at the oven.


wreck it



Don’t let Detours Wreck your Results!






This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz. Its intent is to be shared. If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety. So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


July 2014 Newsletter




Some time back we mentioned we were going to bring back the FitWorkz newsletter.

Well it took longer than expect but it is back.  Finally!  🙂

One is attached as a PDF below.


What can you find in the newsletter?

  • Member Success Stories
  • Recipes
  • Training and Exercise Information
  • Motivation
  • Calendar of Upcoming Clinics and Workshops
  • Benefits of Massage
  • How to Lose that Last 10 lbs
  • MORE!

Watch for the August newsletter in a few weeks…it will be loaded with back to school and programs, deals, and more!

Oh, make sure you check out the calendar board in the entry way of FitWorkz to stay on top of all that is going on.

In health and wellness…


PS…some have been asking for more food ideas and workout ideas, well our facebook pages are loaded with them!
Fitworkz Newsletter July 2014


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In Better Shape at 59 than 45!

Evo Platinum Web

Just met with a member.  He is 59 and a half years young.  Today he is in better health than when he was 45 years old.  He has lost 50lbs!!!    After a month or two of exercise “Eat by Color” his doctor took him off one of his blood pressures meds.  In April his doctor cut his second blood pressure med in half.  Today he is complete off blood pressured medications and his doctor just cut his cholesterol medicine in half…and in all likelihood he will be off that at some point too.

His dress shirts have gone from a size 18 neck to a 17 or 17.5.  His waist has gone from a 42 to a 38 and they are BIG…so in no time he will be in 36’s!

The crazy part is that he had to take some time off from exercise.   So he was continuing to make progress with changes to his nutrition even without exercise.   He is just now getting back in to exercise and will be great how much greater he will improve with exercise.

Here is the best part.  He is eating a ton of food….ala “Eat by Color” though is never hungry.  He did confess that most nights he has one or two ice cream bars.  Hmmm he has last 50 lbs. and still gets to eat ice cream?  That is awesome!

Some things he is not doing

1)      Dieting

2)      Counting calories or points

3)      Saying no to things like Ice Cream

4)      Lots of Cardio (he is doing none)

5)      Using a short term approach to better health for the rest of his life!!!


Today his heart health is better today than it was at 45, and with a return to exercise it is only going to continue to get better.

Ironically just after I met with this member another member approached me about muscle cramping from the statin drugs he is on.  One has to wonder how powerful nutrition and exercise are….just maybe this second member could be heart healthy without the statins?  I’m not playing doctor or practicing medicine without license but this sure is something to think about!


This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


The Truth about Gym Memberships from a Gym Owner


The Truth about Gym Memberships from a Gym Owner

Everyone that joins a gym has a reason to do so. The reason is usually some problem and in the individuals mind, the membership represents solution. Common “problems” could be weight loss, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, looking good for a special event, living longer….and the list goes on. The membership is thought to be the solution and with it the promise of changing their life. In reality the membership offers monthly rental use of gym equipment that the majority of people have no idea how to safely use it, yet alone use it in a manner that will help them solve their problem, the reason they joined to begin with.

What typically ensues is the following: The individual is a new member. They are shown where the equipment, locker rooms, and any other amenities are. A discussion of the new member’s goals and a suggestion of the safest and fastest way to accomplish them are absent. The new member begins their journey. In short order they migrate to the few pieces of equipment they are familiar with. Typically this is the treadmill, bike, or elliptical. They feel out of place but, their “problem” is important to them so they stick with it a few days per week.

Weeks turn to a month and sometime around the second month the new member grows frustrated with a lack of progress or even worse gets hurt.   The proverbial towel as the new member says “why bother?” Once this has happened enough, the new member never returns to the gym and any chance of solving their problems is lost forever. In a nutshell, gym memberships DO NOT WORK!

Today there are more gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers in the United Sates than there ever have been. Yet we have epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Again gym memberships do not work.   So the industry is failing to deliver solutions to people’s problems. Instead the industry response has been to drop the price, or go 24-7. The business model becomes “we are cheap and ONLY $ a month” or “you can exercise whenever you want.” The same membership you had two years ago at half the cost per month is not going to work. If you have no idea how to safely and effectively exercise the fact no one is around or you can exercise whenever you want does not help you. Neither of which provides the solution to any problems.

Fortunately there is a new trend reshaping the fitness industry. Known as training gyms or hybrid training gyms, these facilities are providing real long term solutions to member’s problems. FitWorkz is one of these new, albeit rare breed. Rather than monthly rental access to traditional gym equipment, WE are sitting down and asking what the new member’s goals are. Then mapping out the fastest way to not only reach their goals but maintain them. Rather than focus on selling as many memberships as possible, our focus is changing lives!

Today we offer various memberships but the similarities to the typical gym membership stop there. FitWorkz is offering training or coaching along with a plan for the member. In the past the only option for this was costly one-on-one personal training.   Our training memberships offer affordable access to functional workouts using very little of traditional gym equipment. Functional training offers an infinite variety of exercises so members never get bored; you really don’t enjoy another 3 sets of 10 anything do you? Most importantly functional training helps you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Plus, there is very deliberate social engineering going on and members are feeling a part of a fitness community, so much more than just a gym membership. This community environment provides a level of motivation, support, and accountability not seen in the fitness industry.

Members are empowered with knowledge/coaching, affordable access to training, a supportive community offering a gentle tug or push toward their goals, and most importantly they are having FUN exercising and reaching their goals. Solutions to these member’s problems are being offered and realized. If you too have problems, and we all do, ask about our “30 Day Personal Coaching Experience.” Let’s be honest…You already know that the same old membership is going to get you the same old results.

This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


Athletes Top 7 Training Mistakes



1)  Training like a bodybuilder

We see this all the time.  Johnny or Jane athlete gets a gym membership at dad’s gym or even worse the low price club where all of the kids from school go.  At the gym they do bodybuilder exercises and programs.  One dimensional and single plane bodybuilding exercises will not help you run faster, jump higher, change direction quicker or reduce injuries.  Dumbell curls and tricep kick backs have no place in the athletes workout.  Curling in the squat rack is out as well, for everyone not just athletes.  What is in?   Functional multi joint and plane training (game play is multi dimensional and plane and your training should be too).  Get off the machines.  Start doing functional training that force you to recruit your core like you do in sport.

Reason two…bodybuilders do not make good athletes.  Bodybuilders are often too lean to be good at sports.  Take a look at O or D line in football.  You don’t want some ripped like a ball of twine lineman protecting the QB.  In this scenario your QB would be the equivalent of road kill.  Athletes need to be the shape, size and bodyfat that allows them to best play their position in their sport.

2)  Your cell phone or tablet are NOT training tools.  Turn them off, put them away and train!

Dude put your phone away.  If you are on your phone or tablet you are not on your workout.  Your taking away from your training intensity.  Turn them off or better yet leave them in your car or at home.

3)  Bro time with your Bro’s chatting school, practice, or last nights game.

Two Bro’s that play on the same team come in to workout.  They spend more time talking then training.  Even worse they watch videos of people training.  Bro you are here to TRAIN!  That video could be of your competitor that is going to run right over you next season.

4)  Not matching training to your sport.

If the average play in your sport lasts 20 seconds or less and is an all out effort.  Your training should mirror that.  Your training should NOT be 2 hours of low intensity workouts.  It should be 20-30 seconds of all out effort, just like game play.

5)  Exercising is not the same thing as TRAINING!  Understand the difference and train!

Exercise is moving around and not much else.  Just because you did a two body part three day training split does not mean you trained.  Exercising and working up a sweat does not mean you trained.  Puking during or after your workout may be seen as ‘KEWL’ and a badge of bad @ss it does not mean you trained!!! Training means you have a goal, a plan to reach your goal, and can say with out a doubt why you are better after training today than yesterday.  Anything less is just exercise and exercising does not build champions training does!

6)  Failing to measure progress.

This ties into to mistake number 5 above.  The only way you will no you are better after training today is to write it down.  In other words record your training program.  Sets, reps, pounds, rest.  If you think you just know you “did more today” then God Bless and your competitor is going to crush you.  Measuring progress shows a definite progression in your training…in a nut shell that means in black and white that yes you are better today and you know why.

7)  Investing in recovery, both sleep and nutrition.

If I had a dollar for every athlete that assured me they eat a lot and just last week they put away a whole pizza.  First pizza is less than ideal as a recovery food.  Not to pick on pizza, we had it for dinner.  It is just not best for recovery, increasing lean mass or reducing fat mass.  What does make sense is a quality post workout protein shake.  In addition the athlete should be eating every 2-4 hours and every meal should include protein and carbs.  FYI Meals do not come out of vending machines and are not fried in the cafeteria.  If you plan to TRAIN and after reading this you no doubt will, proper nutrition is a must. Oh, and starting your day right means eating breakfast!

If I had another dollar for every athlete that skips on sleep.  Let’s just say I’d be filthy rich.  Sleep has been replaced with hangin with bro’s, XBox/PS/Ipad/, or on demand (hulu/netflix/etc).  If you are going to maximize  your gains from training you need to sleep 7-8 hours per day.  Period.

Try us out for FREE!  Simple fill in the info below.  Plus as a bonus you can earn a chance to train with us for a year for FREE!  See FitWorkz for details!








Speed and Agility training in DeKalb and Sycamore at FitWorkz.  Athletes train to get faster, jump higher, and change direction faster.  Sport performance training is provided year round to athletes from DeKalb, Sycamore, Genoa, Belvidere, Dixon, Sterling, Rockfalls, Elburn, Kaneland, Rochelle, Shabbona, and more.  Athletes have earned over $315 million dollars in scholarships in the last 5 years alone.   One of the biggest improvements goes beyond athletics.  Athletes and parents report a tremendous improvement in self esteem, self confidence and belief in ones ability to achieve. * @FitWorkzAR *   *


RELAX with a FREE Chair Massage from 4-7pm


With the everyday stresses of life, many of us develop aches and pain in our bodies that can cause of discomfort and annoyance as we go through our daily routines in life. Therapeutic Massage has numerous benefits that most may not be aware of. Here is a healthy reminder of just a few of the physical benefits that massage has on our bodies.

  • Pain relief!
  • Balances the nervous system; relieves stress and aids relaxation
  • Decreases muscle tension and stiffness; daily activities are once again enjoyable when your body movements are eased
  • Promotes faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments
  • Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to do more of the things you enjoy!
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Speeds healing after surgery or injuries; reduces pain and swelling; lessens formation of excessive scar tissue
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing; overall wellness and revitalization is enhanced when your body tissues receive adequate oxygen
  • Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids; strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances the health and nourishment of skin; a glowing complexion is revealed!
  • Improves posture; proper distribution of weight on your joints will refine each and every movement and position required of you in your day!

If you are experiencing this common aches and pains, know that you are not alone and they can be fixed! Come in for a massage this week and let us at FitWorkz help relieve some of this stress this week has brought you! Both of our therapists are here all week so call and schedule an appointment while their schedules are open!

We look forward to see you soon at FitWorkz!  Call today 815-756-1188….


Your Tips to Get Healthy and Active in Your Own Backyard!

Wiltse’s Greenhouse and farmers market. Why not plant your own vegetables this summer? Great way to get outside and get active!


Summer is FINALLY showing signs of arrving.  After this past winter what a relief.  This presents a great opportunity to get outside and live.   A great way to get the family outside and active, together is a garden.  Backyard gardens are a fun way to get the whole family outside doing something.  In addition, in a few short months you will be harvesting your fruits of your labor, quite literally!  Sure there is some daily maintenance with weeding and watering…better seen as more chances to be active outside!

Cedar fence pickets were used with cedar 4×4’s.

This year for mother’s day my wife asked for raised garden boxes.   So that is what she got.  It took about 7 hours including the trip to buy the supplies.  She got the boxes and I earned a really cool tank top farmers tan (pictures of now peeling sunburn not included.)  The boxes were filled with mushroom compost, garden soil, potting soil, and top soil.  Including soil, cedar, and hardware (screws to hold the boxes together) the total cost was less than $200. 00.   Which given the years we will have them and the time we as a family will spend outside the return on the investment is priceless.









Adding to the fun and activity factor we did something different this year.  Instead of buying our plants and flowers at the local big box store we shopped local.  We made the 10 minute drive to Wiltse’s.   Not only did they have a HUGE selection of annuals, perennials, and vegetables but they had some fresh vegetables (the Asparagus we bought are the size you get a the best steak house.)  Plus…they can answer your questions…you know things like “what is the difference between a burpless cucumber and the other ones?”   I got the answer to that question and so can you at Wiltse’s.




An added bonus is the farm cat which put a huge smile on the cat lover in our family’s face.   In a sentence, we created a family tradition this week and will be making the trip to Wiltse’s every May.

















Some of the great stuff we picked up and will put into the ground later this week.  These plants represent a summer of activity and some time in the next two months pounds and pounds of garden fresh vegetables.  Watch for some great “Eat by Color” recipes here and!  Most everything you can grow in your garden falls in the green group of “Eat by Color” and that means you can eat all of it you want, and STILL REACH your Goals!







This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * * *


Speed, Agility and Sports Performance Training at FitWorkz!

FitWorkz offers the only Science based sports performance (speed and agility) training in DeKalb, Sycamore, Genoa, or Rochelle.  Sure we have trained 800,000 plus athletes around the world.  Rather than rely on world results, here is how our local athletes improved over the course of 3 months of training.  (we selected a random group of 12 athletes, male and female, from all ages groups.)
  • Average 10 Yard Dash Improvement .25 Seconds
  • Average Vertical Jump Improvement 2.92 Inches
  • Average Long Jump Improvement 5.01 Inches
  • Average Lateral Foot Speed Improvement 53%
  • Average Pro Agility Improvement .23 Seconds

Last fall 7 out of the 8 varsity football players from one local school were ALL CONFERENCE, the 8th athelte trained with us the previous year and spent last summer hitting camps and clinics.    Get Speed and Agility training in DeKalb right at FitWorkz!

Nationally our athletes have earned over $315 million in college scholarships in the last five years alone.  Four graduating local high school seniors were in to train last night, all four are playing football at 4 year colleges and universities in the fall.
More than a dozen of our athletes from last year alone are going on to play college sports, most as scholarship athletes.
The real story is that of the athletes that before training with us rode the bench.  The kids that played the minimum if at all.  In some cases these athletes were reaching the point of not playing organized sports anymore.  How have they fared?  One young Genoa athlete ran faster backwards (yes we have equipment that will allows athletes to train the back pedal) than he could forward when he started last summer.  He is back this year and is already running faster than last summer.
***Athletes playing football and volleyball need to start training now so they can be done and have a week off before school practice starts in August!***
Call and Set up Your FREE Trial Today….815-756-1188…!