Beginner Fitness, Where to Get Started with Exercise, Fitness and Wellness

Just Getting Started?

A great place to start if you have never exercised OR if have not done so in years.  You are not alone if you are in either camp.  This 1 Month Program is designed to safely introduce or re introduce you to exercise.  Remember start where you are, not where you want to go and you will avoid injury.

New Program Every Month

Every Month you will get a new Workz Template workout.  These are the same monthly workouts our training department used with clients in our commercial gym to deliver long term results in as short of time as possible.  Simple, basic exercise that is big on results.

All You Need Are Dumbbells

The only equipment you need are dumbbells to do this program.  Every month a new workout.  Designed to be simple and effective with out the need to drive to the gym.

Need More Help?

Struggling and overwhelmed and not sure where to start or how to start?  Click the image on the left and set up a strategy call to clear the confusion and get moving not the right path!