December 2015 Newsletter

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Here is your FitWorkz December Newsletter!
It is that time of the year again, already.  Fortunately mother nature has been kind and December  been mild.  With the hustle and bustle of the holidays most start every new year with a few extra pounds.  To help prevent that we cover a number of things in this newsletter.
Inside you will find:

  • Holiday Survival Guide
  • Supplement do you Need them
  • Strongapalooza, 21 Days to Get Strong through the holidays
  • FREE Training
  • Links to us in the Digital World


In the new year we have a number of exciting changes.  We will be adding to our hundreds of videos on Youtube, more FREE Podcasts so you can take health, wellness, and nutrition tips on the go, Virtual Training via our App (available now see Tim or Ray for details), and more!


December 2015 Free Training and Class Schedule

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Here is your guide to help you stay in your fitness routine throughout the busy holiday season…the December Free Training and Class Schedule!  These are great mini training sessions FREE to all members to keep you in your fitness routine especially if you’re short on time (and during this time of year, who ISN’T short on time?!?) but want to get in a great and effective workout.  To get you even MORE into the holiday spirit, we have a “12 Days of Fitness” Challenge for ALL MEMBERS!  If you remember the song “12 Days of Christmas”, the format is the same, where each day there will be a new exercise, added on from the previous days.  It starts on Sunday, December 13, and there will be winners chosen each day for completing each day’s challenge.

Call the club to sign up or for more information.  Be fit and be well this holiday season!

December 2015 Calendar

Don’t Sweat the Nitrates

A few weeks ago I had a client tell me they were avoiding all convenient and portable lunch meats because of the rumor that added nitrates in some of these meats cause cancer. Being such a bold statement, this prompted me to look into the subject a little further. Now before I talk any further, I’d like to point out that I’m not talking about cheap name brand bologna; I’m referring to fresh turkey, roast beef, chicken, etc. that you purchase from your local butcher.
So what are nitrates? Nitrates are compounds consisting of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. They are frequently added to processed and cured meats to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, along with maintaining color and freshness. Once you consume nitrates, they are quickly converted to nitrites by the bacteria in the mouth or other enzymes in the body. From nitrites, one of two things is going happen: nitrites will convert to either nitric oxide (NO) or nitrosamines, which is a known carcinogen. Nitric oxide is a good thing nitrosamines are a bad thing. Nitric oxide is a molecule that enhances cellular communication (not cell phones, FYI) throughout the body’s seemingly infinite amount of cells. Among other benefits, nitric oxide supplementation has been shown to improve cognitive function, improve sleep, improve circulation (it’s a vasodilator), assist in rigorous physical activity (some bodybuilders use this to achieve that ever desired “pump”) reduce inflammation, and many more.
What determines which path these nitrites will take? The answer is heat. Exposing nitrates to extremely high heat will cause a chemical reaction to occur that turns nitrites into nitrosamines, which contain documented cancer causing properties. So the main point here would be to not cook your lunch meat to the point that it’s black and crispy (which I doubt you’re cooking your lunch meat to begin with). If you must cook bacon, using a lower temperature and cooking for longer duration is supposed to limit the amount of nitrosamines created, as well as not cooking the meat until it is black and crispy.
Nitrate regulation has increased over the last decade as well. The amount of nitrates put into processed meats has decreased drastically from what it once used to be due to this regulation. On a side note, approximately 80% of your dietary nitrates come from vegetables. That’s right, vegetables! So by saying nitrates are bad for you then by that logic vegetables would be bad for you, which we all know isn’t true.
So what’s the bottom line? Don’t sweat the nitrates. The more you focus on trivial matters such as this you prolong focusing on what’s actually important in life. If lunch meat keeps you on track, then by all means use it. Forcing yourself to stay up an hour late every night to cook chicken, beef, or fish when it’s something you really don’t want to eat for lunch the next day anyway will set you up for failure. You need to enjoy what you eat in order to make a positive lifestyle change.

Top 5 WORST Trends of 2015

Top 5 Worst Fitness Trends of 2015

1)   Wraps: Great for short term improvement in appearance.  They will cause some water loss in the area wrapped.  The area may appear tighter and more toned.  But rest assured once the water comes back so does the pre wrap appearance.  If you want tight and toned resistance train three days a week and get your nutrition right.
2)   Tea/Detox/Fast: Major come back in the diet world by the charlatans pimping the quick fix.  Totally not necessary.  So NO you do not need a fast, a tea, or detox  to lose weight.  I have lost over 70 lbs and kept it off for over 15 years and never have done a fast, detox, or used funky teas.
3)   Wearable devices like the Fit Bit or apps on your phone: They will help you reach your goals if and only if  you are using it correctly.  A fit bit in your cars cup holder recording steps you are not taking is not helping you.  Learn your device.  Learn how to make the device work for you and your goals.
4)   MLM: I sell to you, you sell to them, and they sell to someone.  We all make money.  Sit down and draw up what this looks like.  You will likely find it resembles a pyramid.  Very few will make a significant amount of money with MLM.  Note, not that it is impossible it is just unlikely and like all things it is going to take a significant amount of work.
5)   Day 22: The 21 Day fix is over.  Now what?  When you go back to eating off normal dish ware and toss the cute little containers you are likely to regain the weight.  All diets are a quick fix to something you need a long-term approach to.  We call this long- term approach lifestyle.  If it is a lifestyle you can do it forever which means any weight you lose you will keep off.



This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz.  Its intent is to be shared.  If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety.  So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *


November 2015 Newsletter

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Happy November FitWorkz Members!  Above is your November newsletter.  We have some very exciting events happening this month, and typically this month is always a busy month for most, but we know that you’re dedicated to getting your workouts in and keeping with your goals despite the busy schedule.

Major announcement!  After decades of service in the health, wellness, and fitness industry THE Bud Gregory is retiring!!!
We invite you to an open house on Saturday November 7 from 5pm to 8pm here at FitWorkz.  Current, former, and folks from the community are invited! Raffles, prizes, and MORE!  Stop by and say hi.
What can you find in the newsletter (it is attached way at the bottom of this email as a .pdf)?  More info by clicking the links below.


  • Top 5 Worst Fitness Trends of 2015
  • Don’t Sweat the Nitrates in Food
  • Bud Gregory Open House
  • Novembers Schedule of Goings On
  • 21 Day Strongapalooza


In health and wellness…and thanks for being a part of our community here at FitWorkz.


P.P.S. We are now taking questions on social media…want to know something post to our facebook ( or page, tweet on twitter (@EatbyColor or @FitWorkz1) or hit us on Instagram (#EatbyColor).  Check out the video below for the first bunch we have answered.  🙂


November 2015 Free Training and Class Schedule



Check out the link below to our Free Training and Class schedule for the month of November.  This month’s theme is “New Season, New Beginnings”.  Fall is in full swing, and what better way to begin a new season than with new health and wellness goals for yourself, a few months ahead of the “New Year’s Resolution” schedule.  Look great for the major holidays and family gatherings, instead of after.

Sign up on our MindBody schedule system, or call the club at (815)756-1188 to reserve your spot!  This is available to members and non-members!

November Calendar 2015

October 2015 Newsletter

Happy Fall FitWorkz members!  Here is your October Newsletter!

 Did you know we have over 800 videos on our youtube channel…most deal with exercise, training, nutrition, and helping you reach your goals faster? See our video above.
 What can you find in the newsletter (it is attached way at the bottom of this email as a .pdf)?  More info by clicking the links below.


In health and wellness…and thanks for being a part of our community here at FitWorkz.


P.P.S. We are now taking questions on social media…want to know something post to our facebook ( or page, tweet on twitter (@EatbyColor or @FitWorkz1) or hit us on Instagram (#EatbyColor).  Check out the video below for the first bunch we have answered.  🙂


Fitworkz Newsletter October 2015

Technology and your Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss Goals

Technology continues to change the world we live in.  Everything in life is impacted.   From the commute to work and blue tooth and Pandora to the replacement of the PC by the mobile device, technology is everywhere.  This includes the world of fitness.  The list of tech devices in the fitness world goes from pedometers to GPS to heart rate monitors to wearable devices that even measure our sleep!  Technology can be an incredible tool to help you reach your goals faster.  It can also be just more gadgets and junk in drawers and closets.  The key is using tech in the former and avoiding the latter.

Here are some tips:
1)      Get educated…learn what you NEED from your tech.  Do you just want to easily monitor heart rate or will you be clicking off miles on a daily run?  Some devices don’t do enough and others too much.  Learn what you need!  A base Fit bit might fit your needs and the Apple watch overkill.  Be sure you do not under or over buy.
2)      Learn your device.  Learning to use the device is critical and many never take the time to do so.
3)      Combine technology.  Use your wearable device with exercises from YouTube.  ( has over 600 videos!)  Use your new Fitbit to compare calories burned with traditional exercise with calories burned doing functional training exercises learned from YouTube.
4)      There is an App for that!  There are over 1 million for Apple devices alone.  Again what you need from an app?  Will it hold you accountable, if you never use the app it is useless.


Just remember that technology does not replace getting up off your butt and executing!

October 2015 Free Training and Class Schedule

Attached is the schedule for our October free training and classes. This month’s theme is “Fall into Fitness”.  Training is available to ALL levels of membership FREE of charge!  Learn how to incorporate some new techniques and routines in your current workout schedule.  Classes are great way to learn abundant of new information and a new workout routine for a small fee.

Schedule your next free training and/or class on MindBody, or at the front desk.  It’ll CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

October 2015 Calendar