Athletes Top 7 Training Mistakes



1)  Training like a bodybuilder

We see this all the time.  Johnny or Jane athlete gets a gym membership at dad’s gym or even worse the low price club where all of the kids from school go.  At the gym they do bodybuilder exercises and programs.  One dimensional and single plane bodybuilding exercises will not help you run faster, jump higher, change direction quicker or reduce injuries.  Dumbell curls and tricep kick backs have no place in the athletes workout.  Curling in the squat rack is out as well, for everyone not just athletes.  What is in?   Functional multi joint and plane training (game play is multi dimensional and plane and your training should be too).  Get off the machines.  Start doing functional training that force you to recruit your core like you do in sport.

Reason two…bodybuilders do not make good athletes.  Bodybuilders are often too lean to be good at sports.  Take a look at O or D line in football.  You don’t want some ripped like a ball of twine lineman protecting the QB.  In this scenario your QB would be the equivalent of road kill.  Athletes need to be the shape, size and bodyfat that allows them to best play their position in their sport.

2)  Your cell phone or tablet are NOT training tools.  Turn them off, put them away and train!

Dude put your phone away.  If you are on your phone or tablet you are not on your workout.  Your taking away from your training intensity.  Turn them off or better yet leave them in your car or at home.

3)  Bro time with your Bro’s chatting school, practice, or last nights game.

Two Bro’s that play on the same team come in to workout.  They spend more time talking then training.  Even worse they watch videos of people training.  Bro you are here to TRAIN!  That video could be of your competitor that is going to run right over you next season.

4)  Not matching training to your sport.

If the average play in your sport lasts 20 seconds or less and is an all out effort.  Your training should mirror that.  Your training should NOT be 2 hours of low intensity workouts.  It should be 20-30 seconds of all out effort, just like game play.

5)  Exercising is not the same thing as TRAINING!  Understand the difference and train!

Exercise is moving around and not much else.  Just because you did a two body part three day training split does not mean you trained.  Exercising and working up a sweat does not mean you trained.  Puking during or after your workout may be seen as ‘KEWL’ and a badge of bad @ss it does not mean you trained!!! Training means you have a goal, a plan to reach your goal, and can say with out a doubt why you are better after training today than yesterday.  Anything less is just exercise and exercising does not build champions training does!

6)  Failing to measure progress.

This ties into to mistake number 5 above.  The only way you will no you are better after training today is to write it down.  In other words record your training program.  Sets, reps, pounds, rest.  If you think you just know you “did more today” then God Bless and your competitor is going to crush you.  Measuring progress shows a definite progression in your training…in a nut shell that means in black and white that yes you are better today and you know why.

7)  Investing in recovery, both sleep and nutrition.

If I had a dollar for every athlete that assured me they eat a lot and just last week they put away a whole pizza.  First pizza is less than ideal as a recovery food.  Not to pick on pizza, we had it for dinner.  It is just not best for recovery, increasing lean mass or reducing fat mass.  What does make sense is a quality post workout protein shake.  In addition the athlete should be eating every 2-4 hours and every meal should include protein and carbs.  FYI Meals do not come out of vending machines and are not fried in the cafeteria.  If you plan to TRAIN and after reading this you no doubt will, proper nutrition is a must. Oh, and starting your day right means eating breakfast!

If I had another dollar for every athlete that skips on sleep.  Let’s just say I’d be filthy rich.  Sleep has been replaced with hangin with bro’s, XBox/PS/Ipad/, or on demand (hulu/netflix/etc).  If you are going to maximize  your gains from training you need to sleep 7-8 hours per day.  Period.

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