3 Detours Sure to Wreck Your Progress and Prevent Results

3 Detours Sure to Wreck Your Progress



I have an opportunity to work with a wide range of people. Some are interested in losing a few pounds, getting in shape for some type of contest or sport season. Clients run the gamut from the single mom trying to lose a few pounds to set an example for her kids to a recent high school graduate going on to play collegiate sports and recently a Dr. from Ohio. Different people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Most importantly with different goals.
Each may require a different approach. But there are three things that can detour results and success for anybody.

To illustrate I am going to use making cookies , there is no particular reason for this except everyone loves cookies.




Detour 1
You have grandma’s recipe for the best cookies in the world and decide to make them. Instead of following the recipe you combine some of her recipe along with a recipe online and the one in that Betty Crocker cookbook every house has. Now each of the three recipes may produce tasty cookies on their own. Combine bits of each recipe and who knows what you are going to get. The same can be said of your workout and nutrition program. Stealing an idea from a guy at the gym, adding in something from the internet, and tossing in what was in this months Fitness Muscle & Meathead for the Baby Boomer magazine will likely produces poor results.

Detour 2
You follow grandma’s recipes to a “T”, place the cookies in the oven, and set the timer. When the timer dings you take the cookies out and dump them in the garbage. Stating “the cookies taste terrible” without so much as taking a bite. Taste the darn cookies!!! I see many people put in the effort and eat right only to throw it all away insisting it is not working. Truth be told how do they know it is not working? Did they get their bodyfat tested via a 9 site clinical skin fold method? Most of the time they don’t have to way to measure progress.
I met with a lady just today that is killing it with nutrition and exercise. She is doing awesome! But in her eyes she was not making progress…well guess what we did her bodyfat and low and behold she is down 5 lbs of FAT!!! She was a different lady leaving my office. So taste the cookies…have a way to measure progress and MEASURE!
Detour 3
Grandma’s recipe says to bake the cookies for 10 to 12 minutes. If you take the cookies out after 5 minutes how good are they going to be? Probably not very and you can forget them tasting like grandma’s! Give the cookies time to bake (watching them bake won’t make they cook faster either.) Same holds true for exercise and nutrition. Just like it takes the cookies time to bake it is going to take your body time to change. Give it some time and remember just like watching the cookies bake staring in the mirror every day will not make the changes happen faster.


Avoid the Detours with YOUR health, wellness, and weightloss
1) Pick one approach and do it without adding bits and pieces from all over the place. Just follow grandma’s recipe and ONLY her recipe.
2) Plan to measure your progress so you know how you are doing. Taste the cookies!
3) Let the approach have time to work. If grandma’s recipe says to bake for 10-12 minutes, give it 10-12 minutes and DON’T stand there staring at the oven.


wreck it



Don’t let Detours Wreck your Results!






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